Influencing & Inspiring Clients Is How You Know You Are Successful!

Have you ever read a book or article and immediately felt a powerful connection with the author?

As if the author was just like you, as if he knew exactly how you felt, as if he truly understood you?

Have you ever read a sales letter that made you feel that way?

For me personally, very few sales letters have had that kind of effect on me.

But one thing’s for sure… every time I have come across such a sales letter, I’ve found myself pulling out my credit card and buying whatever the site was selling by the time I was done reading the letter!

How useful would it be if you could influence your customers that strongly?

Think about this…

How are most friendships formed? It starts when you find out that the other person has something in common with you. That the two of you are alike in some way, you share a common interest.

That relationship becomes even stronger when you begin to realize that the other person understands you, that’s he’s going through the same challenges that you are!

Nothing creates a bond faster between two people than sharing something in common, especially a common pain or frustration.

This is what those great sales writers mean when they say “you have to know your customer!” It means, you have to know what your customer is going through, what motivates him and what pains him!

When you can show the customer that you see the world from their point of view, that you can feel what he/she feels, the “plight” they’re at, the frustrations and struggles they’re going through, you can then easily lead them to the solution!

Before you can offer to solve your customer’s problem, you have to show him/her that you empathize with their problem!

Everyone’s offering to solve their problems and making them all kinds of promises. Yet very few people actually take the time to show the customer that they really understand them, that they care! That they appreciate and empathize with their problem!

Why do you think “personal stories” and “testimonials” work so well to sell products? It’s because the customer can relate to the people in the stories. The stories can often time take the reader from the place where he currently is.. and gently, naturally lead him all the way to the end result, the solution… the happy ending!

If you have personally gone through the same problems and challenges and can use your own personal story, that’s even better. (This is why those ‘rags to riches’ stories sell money-making products so well.)

The better you understand the mindset of your customers, the better rapport you’ll have with them, and the easier you’ll be able to sell to him.

This is why individuals who have purchased and loved the product themselves tend to be much better at selling it to others. It’s because they have personally experienced the pain and frustrations that existed before they found that product. And they are much better at conveying that message to the reader (i.e. the customer.)

Before you can get the customer to see things from your point of view, you have to first know what solves their problem and see things from their point of view! Only from there can you lead your clients towards the solution… and to the sale.

Do that and you will create instant rapport!

What-ever you promote, what’s important is that it answers your clients problems. Only then you will take on a magnetic quality in their perception of you! It will compel your customers to buy from you! And, it will leave your competition in the dust!

And as you know by now, when you truly answer your clients problems, that’s when they get inspired by you!

To your success!

P.S. Don’t tell but, the best way to make money online and get people inspired by you is to help them get leads that buy their offers!

By promoting such offers, you are sure that your audience will love you and look-up to you!

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